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Our locksmith services cover both domestic and commercial properties and in addition, we have a fully stocked shop located in St Helens

24-Hour Locksmiths in St Helens

Local Locksmith offer a 24-hour locksmith service to the people of St. Helens. We work around the clock to insure your security is always maintained. We offer a 24-locksmith service to both commercial and domestic customers of St. Helens and the surrounding areas. We are specialist in non-destructive entry gain. We will get your doors opening and working correctly when its best suits you not 9-5. So, if you need us at 0200 or 1400 we are on hand to assist you in remaining safe and secure.

Burglary call-out services

Lock upgrades and repairs

Broken keys

Lock-outs and lost keys

UPVC specialist

Emergency Local Locksmith

Offer a 24-hour emergency locksmith service to the people of St. Helens we are in a great location allowing us to be anywhere in St. Helens and surrounding area in a rapid time. Our response times are always fast regardless of the time day. We carry most locks and parts to fix domestic and commercial security issues so we will fix your problem the same day / night. All our work is insurance approved and is to the highest of standards so that you are safe and secure as you should be. We have been a trusted locksmith in the area for some time and we post all of our customer, your Fellow local residents of St Helens reviews for you to see at the bottom of this page. Look and see what they say about us

Common Problems With Upvc Door Locks

Local Locksmith St Helens are dealing with upvc door locks on a weekly basis as these type of doors make up approximately 70 per cent of all doors in the UK. Locksmiths St Helens provide free advice and no obligation quotes so if you have one of the following problems  ring on 01513740203  we can give you an idea of what the problem is and how much we would charge to rectify it, you could then phone around and get some more quotes.

Common problems with upvc door locks are: I cant lock my door, if this is the case then St Helens Locksmiths would ask you to open the door and try locking it when its open, if you can lock it when its open then the problem is not with the lock but the alignment of the door with the door keep found on the door frame. But if you cant lock your door even when its open then its likely to be one of two things either the cylinder has failed or the multilock has failed.

If you have handles that are spinning around then Locksmiths St Helens would have you check both handles if only one is spinning then it sounds like its just an handle that has failed and either you need to replace the handles or that the spinning handle is not connecting with the spindle, however if both are spinning around then the likelyhood is that the mulitlock as failed. If your having any problems with your upvc door locks then give a ring at St Helens Local Locksmith for free advice and a quote.

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