Products Local Locksmiths Service a variety of clients, from people locked out of their homes, to people that have been burgled, we also help commercial clients with a number of services.

There is a definite difference in quality in the types of products offered on the market, some lock types or brands are far better than others.

We're aware of the differences and won't use inferior products in our fittings, as these products often fail and produce maintenance issues or, in the worst case, are culpable for a security breach.

Most crimes are crimes of chance or opportunity.

The difference between thousands of pounds worth of damage and theft and being passed along by a burglar is often the type of lock they see on the door.

If you have a good lock from a respected, high quality brand, the criminal will often just pass you by. It's simply not worth the time to try to open it, even by breaking it.

Remember, nearly every lock can be defeated if there's no time component and the criminal has the right tools.

However, the longer it takes to defeat the lock, the higher the chance that the criminal is caught.

That's why using only high quality locks serve as the best deterrent to would be thief, and it will also make them think that maybe other stronger measure are in place beyond the door itself.

This is why we have a wide variety of locks, from Euro Cylinder locks to British Standard locks.

Our company works with some of the best known brands in the industry, we understand security is your main priority and we offer many locks types, from standard to British Standard and high-security locks.

The question is the application. We advise all of our clients based on their particular needs.

The products that are used are heavily dependent on what the client is protecting, the area's crime rate, and also on what is behind the door itself.

We find most of our clients don't like to sacrifice their security, and whatever expense is often much less than a burglary.

We also offer a 6 month warranty on all parts and labour in addition to any manufacturer's warranty, giving you peace of mind that if something is not right, we will come back and fix the issue.

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