POLICE are suggesting householders should consider changing their UPVC door locks if they are fitted with Euro-cylinder locks.

Officers say they have become aware that crooks have developed a way of overcoming these to break in to homes.

They say it might well be worth upgrading euro-cylinder locks if they have not achieved a 3 star rating under the TS 007 testing process or the Sold Secure Diamond Standard (SS312). A spokesperson said: “Euro-cylinder locks can be changed by yourself, but you will need to measure them properly to ensure they are the right size for your door. “They should not be fitted so they protrude from the door unit or handle.” If you’re not confident enough to do this they say use a company that’s a member of the the Master Locksmiths Association or a reputable security company.

While the locks are being replaced Police are also asking residents to consider fitting ‘Anti-Snap’ locks. These are locks in two parts which keep the door locked even if a burglar manages to break the front part of the barrel off as they prevent access to the inner part of the lock mechanism.

Due to the way these locks are designed people can continue using the lock as the mechanism section will still work until they change the whole lock

Ross Crawford 12th Jan, 2019

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