27/10/19, 16:24 Satisfied ¬Anonim

19/10/19, 19:51 Understood my problem, and discussed ways of avoiding it reocurring ¬Peter Middlehurst

17/10/19, 8:25 Satisfied ¬Mary Reynolds

13/10/19, 1:56 Alexandru your customer friendly service was absolutely brill, you came such a long way to help me in my time of need and even had a friendly chat ! You helped me feel very comfortable at such a hard time and the way you handled the situation was very professional , outgoing and very customer orientated . Thanks so much for helping me tonight ! Without you I’d be stuck in the freezing cold . ¬Anonim

7/10/19, 00:24 Alex was absolutely brilliant! I locked myself out of my apartment at 11pm on a Sunday night and Alex arrived within 30 minutes, absolutely amazing! Lovely man and the cheapest I found in Merseyside. Would highly recommend. Thank you very much!! ¬Anonim

6/10/19, 12:47 Satisfied ¬Anonim

21/9/19, 20:52 Satisfied ¬Anonim

20/9/19, 8:41 Satisfied ¬Anonim

14/9/19, 16:26 Satisfied ¬Anonim

6/9/19, 10:49 Very speedy service! ¬Anonim

2/9/19, 09:12 Great service ¬Anonim

15/8/19, 00:29 Arrived quickly and was very friendly ,opening the door in a quick efficient manner, would recommend to needed. ¬Anonim

9/8/19, 9:51 Satisfied ¬Anonim

31/7/19, 09:50 We had been locked out from returning from holiday and we had rang around 14 other smiths, with 2 answering with expensive quotes we had found Alex, he answers the call straight away, he was honest and the price was good, he was with us within 30 mins and had us in our house promptly. We would highly recommend this locksmith. ¬ Anonim

20/7/19, 20:23 Satisfied ¬Anonim

19/7/19, 9:01 Satisfied ¬Anonim

11/7/19, 18:32 Great 👍 ¬Anonim

2/6/19, 10:59 Very patient, and very affordable. I’m so very appreciative. ¬Anonim

31/5/19, 10:28 Satisfied ¬Anonim

1/5/19, 22:36 Arrived within 5 minutes and got me in to my house. Thank you! ¬Anonim

28/4/19, 13:53 Great response time. Great price. Alex was friendly, professional and informative ¬Anonim

18/4/19, 08:06 Super fast & efficient! ¬Anonim

17/4/19, 09:51 Fab man came quickly and took less than 5 mins to get a knight in shinning armour Thank you ¬Anonim

12/4/19, 17:59 Satisfied ¬Anonim

26/3/19, 10:53 Thank you! ¬Anonim

17/2/19, 21:41 Spot on he was thanks. ¬Anonim

20/12/18, 2:38 Satisfied ¬Anonim

19/11/18, 10:34 AMAZING SERVICE ¬Anonim

10/11/18, 13:35 Satisfied ¬Anonim

9/10/18, 13:58 Excellent service everything fantastic. ¬Anonim

1/10/18, 11:03 Satisfied ¬Anonim